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International Student Scholarship

International Scholarships

Scholarships may be available for certain programmes. Please refer to the International Fees page for more information.

Tuition Fee Incentives and Discounts

Sibling Discount:  Self-funded international students will receive a 5% discount per sibling if all tuition fees are paid in full in one payment, prior to the issue of their CAS or visa letter. For any students who do not require a CAS or visa letter, the 5% discount will only apply if the full tuition fees are paid in one payment, prior to enrolment. The sibling discount is subject to satisfactory evidence of the sibling relationship being received, such as a birth certificate for each sibling, showing at least one parent in common.

Incentives and discounts do not apply on our English Language Programme or short courses.

Kibum KimAge 25KoreaLoughborough College English Language Programme November 2015