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Hospitality and Catering Courses

With our range of Hospitality and Catering courses, there has never been a better time to join this thriving industry. Trained in our on-site, commercial restaurant, our students have found success in high profile regional and national competitions and have gained successful employment in a range of sectors.

Whether you are aspiring towards a career in Hospitality and Catering or you simply want to enhance your dinner party skills, we provide a great learning experience in a fully-equipped, professional environment.

You will gain real work experience serving the public in our industry-standard kitchen, restaurant, and bar, as well as potential work placements in the UK and in Europe. You will also be given opportunities to enter local, national, and international competitions such as World Skills, the Welsh International Culinary Championships, Brakes Student Team Challenge, British Culinary Federation Salon Culinaire, and the North Warwickshire and Hinckley College Salon Culinaire.

The hospitality and catering industry is estimated to employ 1.75 million people in England, is the UK's 4th largest industry, and accounts for 27.7% of total jobs growth. It is estimated that there will be 3.09 million people employed in this industry by 2020.


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Since arriving at Loughborough College, I have gained a lot of valuable experience. My tutors are just an email away, and the campus has a positive atmosphere.

Rishabh Khandelwal

Agra, India