Jack Troni | NFL Academy

“My experience has been interesting, and very unique”

NFL Academy quarterback Jack moved to Loughborough from Italy to pursue his dreams of a career in American football. “My end goal has always been to go to the USA to study at college. I knew the NFL Academy was the way to go to get there,” said Jack.

“My experience has been interesting, and very unique”

“Though I had to make adjustment, learning to live away from family, cook, do my laundry, I’ve learnt so much about adapting to new environments and what it takes to balance my responsibilities.

“Developing those skills has led to some really memorable moments for me. One that really stands out was playing international matches at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.”

Reflecting on his time at College so far, Jack credits Loughborough College and the NFL Academy for supporting him, “I’ve received some great support here. The Academy is great, and we are all provided with the very best facilities and coaches. I’ve been able to access mental health, medical, and academic support from across the College.”

The NFL Academy is a major global initiative by the NFL to provide full-time elite education alongside intensive American football training. Having launched in 2019, the Academy has been able to develop the academic and athletic skills of its players due to partnerships with Loughborough College and Loughborough University.

Currently developing over 60 athletes from across 13 countries, more than 40 students have secured college football scholarships in the US since 2019. Originally from Italy, Jack is hoping to be next. “I have made so many academic improvements, gained skills in English, and made real positive progress with my studies. I’d really recommend the NFL Academy and Loughborough College for international students.”


I realised during my initial days that Loughborough College is an outstanding educational establishment. It has modern facilities and teaching methods, excellent teaching quality, and helpful staff.

Nadon Utintu

Bangkok, Thailand