NADON UTINTU | BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching

Following his positive experience with Loughborough College's Access to HE course last year, Nadon decided to study BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching at Loughborough College rather than anywhere else.

Nadon appreciates learning new things and the fact that Loughborough College encourages sports as well as studying.

I realised during my initial days that Loughborough College is an outstanding educational establishment. It has modern facilities and teaching methods, excellent teaching quality, and helpful staff.

In the future, he wants to gain employment with Leicester City FC as his grandfather works for the club. And he feels that studying at Loughborough College will allow him to accomplish his dream.  


Adapting to a new life in the UK

“Last academic year, I arrived in Loughborough and stayed for about two months. Since classes moved online due to the Covid 19 outbreak, I went home to Bangkok.

It was easy to settle in again on my return to Loughborough this academic year since I am familiar with the town.

The biggest challenge I encountered again was adapting to the English weather, which I have now overcome."  


The Loughborough College experience

“I realised during my initial days that Loughborough College is an outstanding educational establishment. It has modern facilities and teaching methods, excellent teaching quality, and helpful staff.  

I enjoy all of my classes, and the best aspects of the course are that the tutors are so approachable and always keen to help with any issues you may have, whether that's relating to exam revision or coursework.  

It is a crucial year for me, and the situation with Covid 19 makes it more challenging. However, I have the full support of my tutors and other staff at the College, including the international team, which helps me remain focused on my studies.

Also, my flatmates at the Gables student accommodation are fantastic, and they took good care of me throughout last year and this year.”

Beyond the academic realm, Nadon has joined a few societies this year, and all of them have been very friendly and welcoming to him.

Overall, he is enjoying this "new adventure." 


A typical week and weekend as a Loughborough College student

“My usual week starts with classes in the morning and afternoon. And when I don't have classes, I either cook or try out new eateries.      

In addition, I try to integrate some form of workout into my everyday plans, whether it's going to the gym or playing football, and I do my day-to-day chores when I return to the halls. From time to time, I also play multiplayer games with my flatmates.     

When it comes to the weekend, I don't plan much, and I think it's more fun when it's a spur-of-the-moment decision.  

As an international student, I often take advantage of the weekends to travel around the UK with my friends and explore new places."


Tips for prospective International students 

"The main advice I would offer to prospective international students is to make the most of your time at Loughborough College.”

Due to Loughborough College's support and the wide range of courses on offer, Nadon's decision to study here has been positive and a choice that he would encourage others to make. "I would recommend Loughborough College to future international students, 100%.

I would also advise future learners to use all of the College's facilities and that they come prepared with a mindset to work hard to achieve their goals. 

The College also offers a Student Wellbeing Service, which provides confidential mental health support and can help if you feel low or homesick.

Everything has been a positive experience for me, and it has helped me thrive from day one."




The teachers have taught me very well, and they make sure to keep lessons interesting. The facilities available at the college would be of interest to any potential student. The college also has very pleasant staff, and offers great opportunities in terms of progression.

Rishika Tripathi

United Arab Emirates