Rirendra | Level 3 BTEC in Sports Coaching and Development

FCV Academy footballer and international learner Rirendra is currently studying for a Level 3 BTEC in Sports Coaching and Development. Having grown up in Nepal with dreams of playing professional football, Rirendra joined the FCV Academy at Loughborough College to follow his aspirations.

“Back in Nepal, there wasn’t scope to make it as a professional footballer, so when I can across Loughborough College, I was really excited. I took a look around the campus and learned about the alumnus who are professional athletes, which really inspired me,” said Rirendra.

I would definitely recommend joining Loughborough College. There are some great facilities, and the staff here are professional and supportive.

Balancing training and matches with studying for a BTEC has kept Rirendra inspired, and he credits the support of the College’s tutors for supporting the life-changing transition from Asia to the UK. “I was nervous about how I would communicate, and there were challenges at the start,” explained Rirendra. “But the staff were so friendly and helped me a lot, they are all so kind and understanding. It made coming to College really enjoyable. It has been really encouraging, and I will never forget everything they have done for me.”

With dreams of joining Leicester City Football Club, the opportunity to work closely with professional coaches and former Premier League players has been invaluable for Rirendra. By connecting with and learning from elite sports professionals, students in the FCV Academy have also had extraordinary opportunities to go head-to-head with other budding international footballers, giving them the chance to make lifelong memories and enrich their skillset even further.

 “I would definitely recommend joining Loughborough College. There are some great facilities, and the staff here are professional and supportive.” Shared Rirendra. “There’s a good atmosphere here too, and I love having the opportunity to study and play with such a diverse range of players and students. Every day is memorable, and I feel like part of the family.”


“The College has invested in recent years to improve the facilities for students: “There is a big library at the college where many useful books and journals can be found. Also, computers are available for student use in the college whenever they are needed and quiet places for studying can be found as well. I really like the fact that buildings in the college are newly built and also there are some shops and cafeterias available on site”

Rated 5/5 for her overall experience as an international student at Loughborough College.

Elina Kamilova