Choosing to study at Loughborough College meant leaving all his family and friends behind in India. So, for 21 years old, Rishabh, moving to the United Kingdom was a huge decision.

“Studying abroad is a huge financial investment for an international student like me. I was happy to find a course at Loughborough College worthy of that investment.”  

Since arriving at Loughborough College, I have gained a lot of valuable experience. My tutors are just an email away, and the campus has a positive atmosphere.

In his opinion, there is no better place than Loughborough to get yourself into academics and sports at the same time. And that is what made Rishabh apply for a course at Loughborough College.


Arriving in the United Kingdom

"My first days in Loughborough were challenging because I had to move from one hotel to another as I had not sorted my accommodation before I arrived. However, as soon as the college accommodation team learned of my situation, they immediately arranged a room for me in the halls.”


Proud to study at Loughborough College      

"Since arriving at Loughborough College, I have gained a lot of valuable experience. My tutors are just an email away, and the campus has a positive atmosphere.

Each lecture and module has increased my knowledge. I enjoy all aspects of the course and learn everything there is to know about the various elements that make up Sports Science and Management.

The lecturers are experts in what they do, and they are friendly and approachable. They don't make you feel like you don't know what you are doing, and you can ask them anything. And at the College, there are plenty of options available for one to one support as well.”

One of Rishabh's most memorable Loughborough College experiences was the chance to play football on campus for the first time. "It is the most memorable because the kind of sporting atmosphere and competitiveness I found here was terrific, and I loved that the most.

I also play Intra-Mural sport (IMS), and It's a fantastic way to make friends and compete in a range of diverse and inclusive sports."

Keen to immerse himself in the student way of life, Rishabh intends to join a few societies and clubs in the near future.

Reflecting on some of his college highlights, Rishabh says: "Studying at Loughborough College is an enriching experience that will enable me to start my career."


A typical week and weekend as a Loughborough College student

"I usually have classes most days during the week. On Thursday, I have six hours of College from 11 am to 6 pm, with an hour's break around lunchtime.   

Even during weekends, I love to be productive and ever working. I keep myself occupied with my part-time job and assignment research. And at the same time, I also do my football training and work out on the weekends.  

However, I take it easy on Sunday evenings and ensure that I rest so I am ready for another week ahead."


Essential advice to future International students

“My advice to prospective students would be to come here to Loughborough College. It’s a decision that will change your life for good, you will make friends, and you will meet individuals from all across the globe. And Loughborough is a sports town, so if you are interested in any sports, you will most likely find it here.”   




“My lessons are very interactive and there is a lot of communication between us students and teachers which makes it easier for us. I am enjoying my course so far.”

Omar Khaled

United Arab Emirates