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Elina Kamilova

A Photo of student Elina standing outside of the Loughborough College Hub

International Foundation Programme

“I chose Loughborough College for studying because there is a foundation programme available for international students which gives us the opportunity to study in one of the top UK universities. I would strongly recommend doing this course as it is a quick way to get into university with a high academic profile”

Elina is studying: maths, biology and physics “I really enjoy studying these subjects as we do not only learn the information from textbooks, but we also have many lab workshops that help us to understand the subjects in more depth”

Loughborough College has a shared student union with Loughborough University which opens up opportunity to join over 100 different clubs and societies, something which Elina has taken advantage of whilst studying at the college…

“There are many activities in Loughborough College, there is a number of societies that you can be part of. It really helps you to find friends and socialise with people, not only from college but also from university. I have made many friends from college as well as from university, it is a great experience as you can get to know what life is like in a university.”

The College has invested in recent years to improve the facilities for students: “There is a big library at the college where many useful books and journals can be found. Also, computers are available for student use in the college whenever they are needed and quiet places for studying can be found as well. I really like the fact that buildings in the college are newly built and also there are some shops and cafeterias available on site”

“As a Loughborough College student I can use Loughborough University library, this gives me opportunity to get more useful information about the subjects I am studying.”

Our International Foundation Programme has a focus on preparing students for the transition to studying at university. This is what Elina said when we asked how the course has helped her: “My course has given me a solid understanding of sciences, I am planning to study psychology and neuroscience at university. Attending academic English classes helps me to get the idea of how to write research projects, how to reference and also it provides me with presentation skills which are vital for studying at university.

“The college fully supports us with our UCAS applications by providing useful information about universities and different courses.” Rated 5/5 for overall experience as an international student at Loughborough College.

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