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Omar Khaled

Loughborough College International Foundation Programme (LCIFP)

  • Why did you choose to study at Loughborough College

    When my brother did his foundation here, which was recommended by an organisation back home, he got accepted into all his university options. This showed me that the college had a strong foundation programme that can help me get into the university of my choice.

  • What is your course like and are you enjoying it?

    My lessons are very interactive and there is a lot of communication between us students and teachers which makes it easier for us. I am enjoying my course so far.

  • What are the facilities at the College like? (e.g. The development of the Hub, equipment to help with studies, classrooms, study areas etc.)

    I only use the hub if I have to go to the library which is very useful however very crowded most of the time as well. The equipment we have in our physics lab are very useful and enables our teacher to perform many demonstrations and allows us to do a lot of experiments ourselves.

  • What extra opportunities are available to you as a Loughborough College student?

    As we share one student union with the university, we get the chance to interact with university students and get an idea about life in the university. We also get to use the facilities at the university.

  • How is your course helping you to prepare for degree study?

    My field of interest is engineering and the programme I am doing in the college has provided me with the basic knowledge which allows me to apply to any field in engineering.

  • What kind of extra support do you receive at College?

    There are support sessions for different subjects but most of them happen at the same time which makes it difficult to receive support in more than one subject.

  • Would you recommend people to come to Loughborough College to do this course? If so, why?

    Yes, because the course has provided me with sufficient knowledge and different skills that will be very useful during my time in a university


“I chose to study at Loughborough College because the reputation of the College is excellent. I chose Loughborough as it is a sporting town, yet quiet and accessible from my home in Saudi Arabia. I also like the British accent! and I would recommend students to study at Loughborough College.”

Ayman Afeef

Saudi Arabia