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Rishika Tripathi

Loughborough College International Foundation Programme (LCIFP)

  • Why did you choose to study at Loughborough College?

    I have been awarded a scholarship to study at the college, for which I am very grateful. This was the main reason why I chose to study here, as I knew it would keep me motivated to perform my best in my studies and otherwise.

  • What is your course like and are you enjoying it?

    My course is a science and engineering foundation programme, and it teaches me about the concepts that would be of use to me at university level, for a science engineering course. I find this course very enjoyable and look forward to attending my lessons every day.

  • What are the facilities at the College like? (e.g. The development of the Hub, equipment to help with studies, classrooms, study areas etc.)

    As a student with science subjects, I feel that the college has very well-equipped labs, providing more scope for practical and hands on learning. The classrooms are also well equipped with facilities to help teachers. The Hub is the main entrance into the college, and has a welcoming environment along with a modern security system and a cafeteria with plenty of food and drink choices and polite staff.

  • What extra opportunities are available to you as a Loughborough College student?

    As I stay at the Gables, which is Loughborough College accommodation, I have the pleasure of availing of fun activities every week in the form of Gables Night. I have also been chosen as the Gables Hall Representative, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I am also very grateful to the College for offering me a scholarship on entry which has kept me motivated this year. Overall, the college has provided me with plenty of opportunity and motivation to help me enjoy this experience.

  • How is your course helping you to prepare for degree study?

    In my course Physics is teaching me about fundamental physics concepts that would be applied in similar subjects at university level. Mathematics teaches me mathematical concepts that would be helpful for me when I study at degree level. Academic English teaches me general academic skills that may not necessarily be taught in university but would be applied very often, and Biology also teaches me key concepts in Biology that would help me at university level.

  • What kind of extra support do you receive at College?

    The college offers students support sessions every Thursday morning for all subjects, so that students can take help from their teachers regarding anything they did not understand during the lesson or needed extra help for.

  • Would you recommend people to come to Loughborough College to do this course? If so, why?

    Yes, I would recommend this Loughborough College course to others. The teachers have taught me very well, and they make sure to keep lessons interesting. The facilities available at the college would be of interest to any potential student. The college also has very pleasant staff, and offers great opportunities in terms of


“My lessons are very interactive and there is a lot of communication between us students and teachers which makes it easier for us. I am enjoying my course so far.”

Omar Khaled

United Arab Emirates